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Sakuranomiya Chemical Co.,Ltd started in 1921 as a manufacturer which specializes in metal paints. We have a long company history.

We manufacture and sell paints for metals(paints for tin plate,L.T.S., aluminum foil, etc.), ink for metal printing and general synthetic resin, etc.

We have particularly accumulated technology and experience for various paints for metal printing and adbesives for metal and plastic. Based on this with our know how and manufacturing process from the latest research & development, we provide technical services with engineering expertise and manufacture and sell products with quality which satisfies custmer'sneeds.

Furthermore, we intended to develop new technology which meet the demands of the times and provide products to all our customer with satisfaction. Please understand and trust our specialities and technology. We are looking forward to serving you.


わが社の目標 Our Company Goal


The goal of Sakuranomiya Chemical Co.,Ltd. is to make a valuable contribution to society as a manufacturer of chemicals...

To grow together through mutual cooperation and trust...
To reap the fruits of continuous effort and research while maintaining a spirits of independence...
And to build a valued tradition and history through constant improvement of both individual and company preformance to ensure long-lasting success.